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Living, learning, evolving and doing it all as positive as one possibly can…

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Lies, Truths, Untruths and Knowing the Difference…

Ask yourself a few questions:

How many lies have you bought into?

How many untruths have you taken on as your own?

What have you said you can’t do because of something you believe to be true?

What have you not done because of something you fear?

What are you looking outside of yourself to fix?

I’ve come to shed another layer of myself recently and a lot of it was to do with the lies I’d bought into over the years. Mainly the lies wrapped around my idea of family and who I was to my family. I’ve been told I’ve got issues and baggage and to be frank according to those I chose to be around, rather fucked up.

Now first of all, that’s an interesting point of view. Second, that says as much about those saying it as it does me. Third and most importantly, if I chose to take that on as truth, as my truth then what opportunities or possibilities was I allowing to pass by because I was choosing to be as f’ed up as people said I was…

Think about it.

I’ll ask again.

What lies or untruths have you taken on as your own? There are tons out there. There are millions of points of view and judgments that we can take on as our truth and this is exactly what prevents us from stepping into our true, authentic, beautiful, limitless selves!

Who have you identified as because of lies you’ve bought into? What are you not doing that is true to you?

We can start to let go of these untruths by looking at everything as an interesting point of view. Everything is an interesting point of view. Your views, everyone elses, it’s all an interesting point of view.

Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be – something to remember…

Remember the difference between what is light and what is heavy… The more you tap into that the more awareness will grow from it. If something is true for you it will feel light, if it is not true for you it will feel heavy and cause your energy (in and/or around you) to react in some way (keep in mind it is different for everyone). You can ask this all the time, I find that using this tool exercises your knowing and your awareness. Just feel the energy of the situation and see if that energy feels light or heavy.

Never ever ever question your knowing. Now I don’t mean what your ego thinks it knows, I mean what your awareness knows. You know those things you just know? Some refer to it as a gut feeling, others say it is being intuitive. Whatever it is, those times you just know something? Don’t question it. Actually I would even go to the extent of saying that it’s in your best interest to listen to and use your awareness.

Remember that everything you see in others is a reflection of yourself or an aspect of your own consciousness… There will be days when I see lots of beautiful people, there will be days where I see lots of angry people… Either way, those I see are just reflections of me… It’s a lot more difficult to judge people when you look at everyone and everything as being a part of you.

So, what lies or untruths have you taken on as your own, and more importantly, what lies and untruths are you willing to let go of right now?


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Be Quiet And Listen!

It wouldn’t be honest or transparent of me if I only wrote about the rosy times. Not to say that this isn’t a positive moment, it just feels a tad bit more gritty.

It’s amazing how the more you open yourself up to the process, the more you become aware of the process. It gets easier too, you acquire tools along the way and these tools make the times of transition or change more apparent. They also help you to sort out everything that comes up and find a new place of understanding.

After a seriously intense energy session I’ve been feeling a lot of things coming to the surface. A lot of it has to do with listening to that knowing voice, allowing it to speak and surrendering to its truth. One thing I’m unable to deny is that psychic-ness we all feel. We know what we know, we’ve just been taught to ignore it or justify it and cast it off as nothing or even worse, crazy talk; “we couldn’t possibly know the unknown… could we?” Well we do, you know it and I know it. That voice that pops up and tells you not to go down that street, or to do one thing rather than another, that overwhelming feeling we get… that same force, power, feeling, voice, whatever you want to call it is always speaking to us. No matter the situation, you know the answer, all it takes is to be authentically you in the moment and the answer comes.

Another thing that comes creeping up is the question of whether the thoughts, feelings, opinions, goals, desires or dreams I’m having are mine. I’ve recently taken some time to quieten things down so that I can listen. Listening to yourself isn’t what I thought it was since learning that all of my thoughts etc aren’t my own, it’s taking a conscious effort to continue to ask which ones are my mine and be open enough to receive the answers in their entirety.

Something that helps: Doing things that are authentically me.

How do you know when something is authentically you? Simple, you love it (or you love what it does to or for you), it makes your mind quiet and allows you to be totally present and gives you a sense of balance. There isn’t a set list either. These things evolve and change as you do.

Some of my things are cooking, writing, photography, running and connecting to nature. All of these things and others allow me to be present, they’re good for me and in a way they set me free.

Things are constantly changing. I’m getting a sense that my purpose in coming to Toronto is changing, or what if I’m allowing the truth to be heard? I’m here to embark on a creative project, yes, but I’m also here to receive lessons and travel further towards my authentic self. To open myself up more and to let go. Having acknowledged that, I’m now asking what I need next? Where do I need to go and what do I need to do next?

So, the lessons to be taken from this part of the journey?

The importance of being authentically you. Not doing so leads to things becoming frustrating, difficult, more chaotic and unbalanced. Things just don’t feel right.

Do things that bring you balance. Whether it’s biking, gardening, painting or playing something. Know that the answers will come, just be open to receiving them in whatever way they show themselves.

Also, as a very dear friend of mine has said, we are far more psychic than we allow ourselves to believe. Trust that you know. The more you open yourself up, the more you listen, the more you’ll hear. Apply the practice of being authentically you and see if things don’t become more apparent!

Sending you love, peace and light beauty-filled beings!