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Removing Harmful Psychic Hooks Like A Chakra Ninja! by Melissa Di RainbowStar

Opening and Expanding






 (This part say in between each chakra cleanse as you fill your chakra up with its colour to heal the space left by the cord)
















If you want your energy to exert its full effect then you need to cleanse your chakra system on a regular basis by untangling these energy draining hooks. First loosen yourself into a calm and relaxed state and then shield yourself psychically. Now start looking at the chakras, one by one, and see if you can discover any hooks. With a little practice you will know they are there by sensing them.

If you wish to remove the energy draining hooks, imagine that you are gently unplugging them. After you have removed all the hooks, fill your chakras with light so they won’t be left empty. See the light, in your mind’s eye, filling the hollowness of each chakra.

If going through all the chakras at the same time is tiring, you can do the first few in one sitting and then concentrate on the remaining few later. You can either leave the chakras open, closed or in phases between the two states.

Simply visualizing them in the position you wish, open or closed, does this. After clearing the first three chakras of all hooks, it is a good idea to close the lower three chakras (you will feel more grounded that way) and leave the upper ones open in readiness to clear them later on.


The first main chakra is called the muladhara chakra and its name means ‘root’. It is found at the base of the spine, the bit you sit on. The paths of energy in this chakra extend downward like a root through the legs and feet to contact the solid earth below. Presence of hooks in this chakra may indicate a person is depending on you for their survival.

Svadhhisthana chakra, the second chakra situated in the abdominal area below the navel and is connected to inspiration and proliferation, controls the sensitive and physical sides of our existence. A hook blasted in to this chakra denotes the person is interested or sexually drawn towards you. You can remove this hook if you are not interested in the person.

Manipura, the third chakra, means ‘lustrous gem’ and is present in the solar plexus area and also includes the digestive system as well as the navel area. This chakra relates to strength, confidence and vivacity. It also houses the intellectual side of you and a hook fired in to this chakra infers that someone is eyeing your energy reserve and can drain you completely even to the extent of giving you an ache in the stomach.

The fourth chakra is called the anahata chakra (heart centre) and lies between the shoulder blades, slightly higher than the physical heart. This chakra represents higher emotions, such as love, tenderness, and compassion. Any hook discharged to this location could mean that someone loves and cares for you. Hooks here aren’t as draining as in other places, but you may want to remove them so that your own energy is clear.

The fifth chakra, the vishuddha chakra, is present in the throat area and, not surprisingly, is for communication. A hook to be found in this chakra indicates that someone wants to communicate something to you, but this may cause a sore throat so it is better to do the communication directly in a verbal manner.

The sixth chakra is called the ajna chakra – located directly in ones brow, between the eyebrows on the forehead. This centre is commonly called the brow chakra or even more commonly the ‘third eye’ chakra. As the third eye opens, one is able to access their intuition at a much higher level. Any hooks found here indicate that someone is thinking strongly of you, perhaps wondering what you think of them. Hooks here could cause headaches.

The final main chakra is the sahasrara chakra, the seventh chakra. This chakra connects us to the divine. It has been called the ‘thousand petaled lotus’ by many. The seventh centre is located at the top of the head, where the soft spot is located on a baby. It is from this centre that we are connected to our souls, and all souls, through the rainbow bridge. Hooks here could mean that someone is trying to control you and you should get rid of them.


1. Sound healing starts with the deepest sound you can make, UH. This is to be done with eyes closed and attention concentrated on the base chakra of your spinal base. With this sound, you have to note the sound resonance in the body in the chakra, and not from your throat. This chakra sound can be visualized with red color and should be said for a minute or two.

2. The next chakra sound has to come from the second chakra found three inches below the naval. You have to chant OOO while complimenting the chakra sound with orange. You have to chant with eyes closed to experience the balancing of the chakra with other chakras for one or two minutes.

3. The third chakra sound “OH has to come from the navel chakra, found at the navel area. The color for complimenting visualization here is yellow. This chakra sound has to start very softly and gently, but higher than the last sound.

4. AH is the sound people cry out when in love, and is also the chakra sound for the heart chakra. This chakra is located in the middle of the chest, and is related to love. It is associated with the color green and has to be started with a soft and gentle sound that has a higher pitch than the previous chakra sound.

5. EYE is the chakra sound for the throat chakra that can be complimented with blue. This chakra sound too has to be higher in pitch than the previous sounds.

6. In between the forehead and slightly above the two eyes is the chakra sound belonging to the third eye. This chakra sound is AYE and is complimented with indigo color. This chakra sound starts with a soft and gentle tone which is however of a higher pitch than the previous sounds.

7. The crown chakra, found at the top of the head, demands the highest sound you can make. This chakra sound is EEE and is complemented with purple and starts by making the highest EEE sound possible. Like other chakra sounds, this chakra sound also starts soft and gentle.

All the chakra sounds have to be said with eyes closed and attention focused on the respective chakras. With the focus on the chakra, the chakra sound starts projecting from the chakra and with the resonance of the sound chakras, you find each chakra balancing and aligning with the other chakras.


To open the base or root chakra of the Muladhar which stands for group identity, perform the mudra of joining the tips of your thumb and index finger and chant the Sanskrit word ‘LAM’. Remember that the pronunciation of ‘A’ should be ‘Ah’ and sound the ending ‘M’ with ‘Mng’ or a slightly vibrating sound. Think about the location of the chakra between your genitals and anus visualizing its red lotus with four petals symbol.

An orange lotus with six petals is the Swadhisthana Chakra located in the sacrum. Opening this chakra calls for sitting and placing both your hands on your lap palms up. Remember to put the right hand on top of the left with the tips of the thumbs touching. Slowly breath in, concentrate on the sacral region and chant the sound ‘VAM’.

The Soar Plexus or the Manipura chakra is symbolized by a yellow lotus with ten petals. To open this chakra for improving personal power, bring both your hands in front of your stomach, just below your solar plexus joining the tips of each of your fingers excepting the thumb and then cross the thumbs over one another. Remember to keep your fingers straight which are pointing away from you and then chant the sound ‘RAM’.

The fourth and the central Anahata Chakra is symbolized by a green lotus with 12 petals and is said to be the central power house of the chakra system. To open the Anahata Chakra, start by sitting cross-legged and then place your left hand on your left knee. Now with your right hand, join the tips of your thumb and index finger, and place it on your chest, at the lower part of your breast bone pointing inwards. Concentrate on the heart chakra and its symbol and chant the sound ‘YAM’.

To open the blue lotus with 16 petals of the Vishuddha or the throat chakra, join the tips of your thumbs and cross your fingers on the inside of your hands. Concentrate on the throat chakra resonating at the base of your throat and chant the sound ‘HAM’.

The Ajna Chakra is located between the eyebrows and is known as the Third Eye Chakra symbolized with an indigo lotus with two petals. Opening this chakra is all about advancing on the spiritual path through advanced meditation. Bring both your hands in front at a level just below the breast bone. Now, join the tips of both of your middle fingers pointing them upwards while bending all other fingers inside, the phalanges of your index fingers touching each other. Now join the tips of your thumbs as well and point them downwards. After the mudra is achieved, chant the most powerful word in the universe of ‘AUM’ or ‘OM’.

Lastly, to open the Sahasrara Chakra, which is a violet Lotus with a thousand petals of the ultimate spiritual enlightenment, bring your hands in front of your stomach and join your hands crossing all fingers with the left thumb below the right. Now, lift both the ring fingers and let them join at the tips pointing upwards. Remember that one needs to have very strong base chakra before trying to open this one. Concentrate on the chakra at the crown of your head and chant the sound of creation ‘NG’ and let it vibrate and resonate all across your chakra system and being.

Remember to bring all this information together when in the meditation. It helps if you record yourself saying the things first and then listen to it with your eyes closed



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Are you ready?!


Say it with me! I am open and ready to attract ABUNDANCE into my life! I am open and ready to attract ABUNDANCE into my life! One more time, say it like you mean it! I am open and ready to attract ABUNDANCE into my life! 

Have a beautiful abundant weekend beautiful ones!

Sending out love and light!


Big Bangs and Brain Explosions

Almost every single individual I know right now is going through a trial of some sort. Be it financial woes, relationship turbulence,  work related strife or anything else – everyone is going through something.

It’s been a year for that hasn’t it? Think back over the past 12 months, go through the major and not so major events…

I know I’ve experienced death, revelations – both in myself and the family, being confronted with all that I would have preferred to hide from – all that makes me uncomfortable, coming face to face with my deepest issues. With all that came opportunities. Opportunities to step into my authentic self, opportunities to choose, opportunities to grow in ways I never knew possible.

It feels like this is a time to step up and choose. The recurring theme through all of this is the opportunity to make a choice, the opportunity to become more aware. All of these experiences force us to be exposed to the uncomfortable, the raw – they force us to choose: Step up or step aside.

Throughout all of this there is opportunity. Opportunity to peel off layers of you that don’t work for you any more, all that isn’t authentically you, all that doesn’t allow you to be you. Opportunity to see, perceive and gain awareness.

It feels like this is a time to fight. Not in a violent sense, but it is time to be fierce with your choices and going forward with all that you have. Proving that you’re strong enough, fierce enough for the next year and the years to come. Proving that you want it badly enough.

So here’s a question: What are you choosing? In whatever situation you’re in, what is it that you’re choosing? And is what you’re choosing in line with what is authentically you (keep in mind that what was authentically you might not be you in the here and now)?

What more could you receive from the opportunities presented to you? And most importantly, how badly do you want it?

What else is possible?

Food for thought.

Love and light.

May you find your way through this transitional time with ease.

C. xx


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Be Quiet And Listen!

It wouldn’t be honest or transparent of me if I only wrote about the rosy times. Not to say that this isn’t a positive moment, it just feels a tad bit more gritty.

It’s amazing how the more you open yourself up to the process, the more you become aware of the process. It gets easier too, you acquire tools along the way and these tools make the times of transition or change more apparent. They also help you to sort out everything that comes up and find a new place of understanding.

After a seriously intense energy session I’ve been feeling a lot of things coming to the surface. A lot of it has to do with listening to that knowing voice, allowing it to speak and surrendering to its truth. One thing I’m unable to deny is that psychic-ness we all feel. We know what we know, we’ve just been taught to ignore it or justify it and cast it off as nothing or even worse, crazy talk; “we couldn’t possibly know the unknown… could we?” Well we do, you know it and I know it. That voice that pops up and tells you not to go down that street, or to do one thing rather than another, that overwhelming feeling we get… that same force, power, feeling, voice, whatever you want to call it is always speaking to us. No matter the situation, you know the answer, all it takes is to be authentically you in the moment and the answer comes.

Another thing that comes creeping up is the question of whether the thoughts, feelings, opinions, goals, desires or dreams I’m having are mine. I’ve recently taken some time to quieten things down so that I can listen. Listening to yourself isn’t what I thought it was since learning that all of my thoughts etc aren’t my own, it’s taking a conscious effort to continue to ask which ones are my mine and be open enough to receive the answers in their entirety.

Something that helps: Doing things that are authentically me.

How do you know when something is authentically you? Simple, you love it (or you love what it does to or for you), it makes your mind quiet and allows you to be totally present and gives you a sense of balance. There isn’t a set list either. These things evolve and change as you do.

Some of my things are cooking, writing, photography, running and connecting to nature. All of these things and others allow me to be present, they’re good for me and in a way they set me free.

Things are constantly changing. I’m getting a sense that my purpose in coming to Toronto is changing, or what if I’m allowing the truth to be heard? I’m here to embark on a creative project, yes, but I’m also here to receive lessons and travel further towards my authentic self. To open myself up more and to let go. Having acknowledged that, I’m now asking what I need next? Where do I need to go and what do I need to do next?

So, the lessons to be taken from this part of the journey?

The importance of being authentically you. Not doing so leads to things becoming frustrating, difficult, more chaotic and unbalanced. Things just don’t feel right.

Do things that bring you balance. Whether it’s biking, gardening, painting or playing something. Know that the answers will come, just be open to receiving them in whatever way they show themselves.

Also, as a very dear friend of mine has said, we are far more psychic than we allow ourselves to believe. Trust that you know. The more you open yourself up, the more you listen, the more you’ll hear. Apply the practice of being authentically you and see if things don’t become more apparent!

Sending you love, peace and light beauty-filled beings!

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To The Brave Young Girl on YouTube.

I was browsing Facebook and saw a few status updates referring to a video on YouTube that’s being circulated all over social networking sites and the media. I watched the video. It tells a tale of a young girl (could be you, could be me, could be any one of us). She tells a story of vulnerability, of dependency, a story of her need to be accepted, of her longing to be loved. She described the choices she made on this quest to find what she was longing for. She spoke of how others responded. There was no mention of acts of kindness or compassion, open-mindedness or love, but of horrid hateful words and violence.
This story saddens me. Her helplessness and despair saddens me. How much I relate and identify with this girl saddens me.

It scares me just how easy it is to choose that path. At such an impressionable, transitional stage in life, rather than being taught the life skills we need to make (mentally, physically, spiritually) healthy choices, rather than celebrating the beauty in all of us, we’re labeled based on the most irrelevant of things. We’re taught that beauty is one type of thing and intelligence is one type of thing when both come in such varied and different forms. At such an impressionable, transitional stage we are conditioned to believe that we are only as good/ whole/ valuable/ attractive/ smart/ worthy as our peers think we are which immediately teaches us to give away our power rather than to nurture it.

It is so incredibly important to teach one another (especially the young ones) how to love ourselves and respect ourselves first. We must teach and encourage one another to speak the truth! Those who choose to pick on/ bully/ make fun of others are doing so because of their own pain/ anger/ insecurities/ fear.

My heart cries for people who feel so alone, unloved, ugly or unworthy that they feel the need to take their own life. I cry because I relate, I cry because I remember, I cry because some day we get to look back at the past and smile because we now know we are loved and we can allow that bright light within us to shine. As the young girl in the video said “everyones future will be bright one day, you just gotta pull through”.

The lessons?

Speak kindly. Speak from a place of love and gratitude. You never know how much it will mean to the one you’re saying it to (it feels good to say good things too).

Remember that whenever you get angry or jealous, or when you have an emotional reaction to something or act out towards someone, there’s an issue within you that you need to address.

Take note of the fact that what you see in another is a reflection of what you see in yourself.

Don’t forget to use the tools! One I wish I knew way back when is to ask if a thought or feeling is my own. Literally ask it when it comes up “is this mine?” if it isn’t, (most of the time it isn’t) return it to sender. This is a tool to practice all the time, it makes things so much more balanced and peaceful.

Finally. Know that you are loved, know that you are beautiful and you are exactly as you are meant to be right here and right now.

What would it take for us to see our true amazing potential and be brave enough to be our true bright amazing selves?

C. xx

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Say Nay! Then Say Yay! (Part 1)

You know that tiny (or large) voice in your head that gives you those lists of reasons why you shouldn’t / won’t / can’t do things?

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of that voice is? Think about it! Once you have chosen to take on that voice and make it your reality, what happens?

I know what happens to me! Those thoughts become the perfect reason not to do whatever it is I’m thinking of! And let’s face it a lot of ideas, I’d even go to say the majority of ideas we have are pretty amazing!

How convenient is it for us to have a fantabulous idea and then not carry it out because that voice creeps up behind your idea, telling you all of the reasons you can’t do it. That great, wondrous idea is now buried, under all of those heavy, doubtful, reasons.

For example; I’m a photographer (amongst other things). I want to put on an exhibition. Now if I had buried this idea when it was born I wouldn’t get to showcase my work, meet amazing open and creative spirits,  or step further into my greatness! If I choose the voice in my head that says horrid things like ‘no one will buy your work’, ‘no one will care’, ‘there are so many people out there better than you’ or any of the other cruel, soul crushing things it whispers, I would never do anything! Let alone get out of bed!

Instead I say ‘Nay!’ People will buy my work because they connect with my work! And they will connect because I am connected to my work! They will care because I care and there is no better or worse, there is only different! Then I blow raspberries at the voice and flick my hair as I turn and skip towards my dreams and my greatness with glee!

Let’s look at another example. This is one I’ve witnessed too many times to count. The conversation goes something like this: Friend: “I’m so __________ about/of your travels. I think that it’s _________. I wish I could do that, it’s been a dream of mine for years.” Me: “Then why don’t you?” Friend: “Oh I can’t/shouldn’t/won’t ________________.” And before they’ve even begun they’ve killed and buried something they’ve been dreaming about doing for years.

Does killing a dream even make sense?

Enter the lesson: Doubt is a distraction. It offers you a way out from the uncomfortable process of stepping into your greatest self.

When you have one of those light bulb moments and it feels all light and makes you jump and tingle with glee, step into it! Just do it (yes, I believe I just quoted Nike)! Figure out a way to do it and go for it!

Think of all the amazing things we could achieve if only we stopped talking ourselves out of the great ideas we have.

I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and see where it takes me. I’m going to write a list (which I will post online a little later), a bucket list if you will, of all the things I’ve wanted to do or dreamed of and all the crazy ideas I’ve killed. Then one by one, or two by two I’m going to do them. And I promise to keep you posted! Will you do the same? Will you let me know how it goes too? I’ll even give you my email! beyoubemagical@gmail.com email me! I want to hear your stories! We can inspire and motivate and conquer that voice of doubt and fear together!


Sending you all courage, love, creative juices and really big hugs!



Emotional Reactions and Interesting Points of View

Lots of things make me think. Events, situations, interactions, especially those that make me respond in a way that is different to the way I usually would.

There was a chain of events (sometimes it takes a chain for me to ask myself the questions needed to reflect). First there was a conversation with a friend. Then there was another conversation – this one I didn’t receive so well. Then there was the Weekly Photo Challenge theme – and it all came together (while having another conversation).

My photography. It’s something that’s incredibly precious to me. I see it as mine (this week’s photo challenge theme). It’s always been the way I express myself and the more I step into my photographer self, the more sensitive it is.

Throughout various conversations, whatever was being said hit a nerve. Good or bad, all interesting points of view created an emotional reaction.

It seems that I am incredibly guarded with this creative outlet I consider to be mine.

So… Where is the lesson in all of this?

Emotional reactions create unbalance. Balance is something I am working on acquiring. Detachment is needed here. I say detachment because the opinions of others are not things I need to live by. I do not need to hang on the every word of others. My art is my art and it is what it is. I do not need any validation.

If you take the good or bad, positive or negative connotations away from points of view, be it your point of view or that of others, then it is just an interesting point of view. Once it is an interesting point of view it is nothing more, nothing less. Herein lies the power of detachment.

If everything is an interesting point of view, I don’t need to have an emotional reaction which is really a waste of time and energy.

This is the lesson.

Stepping into your greatness requires a great deal of energy, time and focus. Emotional reactions take away from your energy. Points of view are just different ways of looking / perceiving / receiving something.

This is definitely something to remember, adding this to the other lessons and things to practice will make learning, growing and evolving that much easier.

Sending out a ripple of peace, love and light! Catch the ripple and pass it on!