Lessons Learned and Positive Vibrations

Living, learning, evolving and doing it all as positive as one possibly can…

Who on earth is Clare Michelle?

Having been bitten by the travel bug, travel, learning, and evolving has become my focus in life. Growing into the positive, balanced, grounded and happy woman I want to become is my main goal. Finding a balance between life, work and what I want to achieve is my ongoing mission.

Since what you project into the universe attracts the very same, I am writing about my journey and sharing my experiences so that we can learn, grow and evolve as a community… And maybe, just maybe, one day, we can all be happy, balanced, whole and grounded beings.

Taking a moment to be in Chefchaouen, Morocco


2 thoughts on “Who on earth is Clare Michelle?

  1. You said it so well, and I agree completely. Also, I love your image—a study in blue.

    • Thank you so much Jennifer! That means a lot, I enjoy writing and I hope to break my way into the writing world too, so coming from you that means a lot! The image was shot on a weekend trip to Chefchaouen in Morocco, the whole town is painted blue! It makes for a very relaxed and calm vibe there. I was incredibly happy to be there!

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